Sunday, February 15 at the cook-school Food For Fun in Ponte San Marco (MB)

Start h. 11,30 deadline h. 14,00

PricePrice € 35.00




Salted Brioches with bacon
Yogurt with orange and ginger compote and cardamom
Banana bread with cream cheesecake and blueberries
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and fennel
Quiche Lorraine with nutmeg
Sandwich with tomato jam and turkey with herbs
Small roses cake with sultana raisins
Couscous salad with red peppers and chicken Caesar salad
Rösti chestnuts with mint and feta

A sweet conclusion:
Roasted pineapple with cloves, vanilla ice cream and waffle crunchy almonds

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and centrifuges (celery, apple and pineapple/ grapefruit, apple and papaya)

Coffee, cappuccino and homemade biscuits