Cooking classes for food lovers



Cucina per amatori

During the course you will be able to actively participate by following the advice of Riccardo, or you can simply observe taking notes. It’s up to you.

At the end all participants will be invited to take a seat around the table to enjoy the dishes prepared.





The themes:

– The homemade pasta: fresh, stuffed and potato dumplings
– Risottos
– First baking dishes: pies, casseroles, pancakes and lasagna
– Roast meat (small and large sizes), fast and slow cooking
– The fish: crustaceans, mollusks, seafood and cephalopods
– Mediterranean cuisine from appetizers to desserts
– Baked cakes by region
– Desserts: mousses, puddings, parfaits, fruit filled
– Short pastry, puff pastry, sponge
– Sweet and savory biscuits
– Snacks and canapés

Our cooking classes: