Poco fumo e tanto arrostoFriday, April 10th at the cook-school Food For Fun in Ponte San Marco (MB)

Start h. 19,30 deadline h. 22,30

Price € 40.00

Description: are you a novice in the kitchen, or you already have the basics? Join us to improve your culinary skills. Riccardo Cominardi Chef, for thirty years in the haute cuisine all around the world, will oversee the participants in a path of 4 lessons, during which acquire not only the basic techniques for preparing a full menu, but rate conversation language, and meet new friends.

1st lesson recipes:
– bundle beef salad with mushrooms, arugula and Parmesan cheese
– homemade tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce
– veal roast with herbs
– fruit tart

Next lessons will be on friday, April 17th and 24th and May 8th 

The special price for the whole package is (4 lessons) is € 150,00