About us


Put a food blogger champion of healthy lifestyle, good food and smiles, along with a chef in love with his work, which after years of haute cuisine chose to devote himself to teaching and to the kitchen for “a few but good”, make them sit around a table with a group of complete strangers, ready to be driven into a world of flavors, fragrances and colors unique and unexpected, and it will create a meeting full of taste and entertainment.

Me and Riccardo, we always love to be surrounded by friends with whom we share our world. The food is for us a kind of glue, which breaks down the boundaries and stimulates social relationships. Around a table barriers, stress and shyness disappear leaving space to chat, exchange and openness to new perspectives, people, projects. This is our philosophy, our lifestyle.

Hence the idea to open the doors of our home to anyone who has the desire to learn while having fun, meet new friends, enjoy our hospitality.

Join us, it will be every time a new discovery!

Valeria and Riccardo